Pilot Project for Universal Lunches in Schools Inc. was born to address a need for school-based food practices in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

PPULS Director, Rhea Good, had the opportunity to visit Finland in August 2014 and saw how the Finns provide hot meals with salads on the side to all Finnish students every day.  School-based lunches are part of their Health curriculum, equitably provided to all students.  This is the model to follow.

Please visit the Photos page to be inspired.  This is what PPULS wants for schools in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Upon return home after that trip, Rhea set out on a mission to create a pilot program lunch program based on the Finnish model.  Once Canadians see that there is a more equitable, dignified, healthy, and delicious way of doing school food, the blueprint of the pilot program can be duplicated in other schools, and hopefully someday, in every school in Saskatchewan and Canada.


dignified food service in a designated space

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the "balanced plate" model corresponds with the actual menu

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students serve themselves

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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo

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