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Rhea Good


With 20+ years of teaching experience, Rhea has seen a variety of school food programs in Saskatchewan schools.  She is learning about politics and advocacy along this journey to actualize PPLUS into a functioning pilot project.  Rhea is a certified Nutrition Coordinator, and operated a school-based greenhouse and garden.  As of June 2018, Rhea has left full-time teaching to create more time for work in this area of school food advocacy and child and youth nutrition advocacy.

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Barb Daly

Board of Directors

Hi, I am Barb Daly-Miley.  I have been an educator for 30 years.  I have a great concern for students' health and well-being.  I would love to see well-balanced meals  provided to our students.  This would help with improving their minds, bodies, and spirits.  It is a way to teach about growing food, and having greater respect for how the planet earth provides for us.  I chose this photo because it is my dream to have fresh ingredients like this for school lunches.

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Terry Martens

Board of Directors

Terry's teaching career spanned 3 decades and she was involved in many school food programs along the way.  When Rhea told Terry about the vision for PPULS, she was eager to be part of creating change.  This photo is a reminder of the importance of passing on the value of healthy eating and food traditions from one generation to the next.

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Brenda Lightfoot

Board Member

As a career teacher in elementary schools, Brenda has decades of experience with food insecurity, and inter-generational poverty.  Brenda has retired from a successful career in education, and does some substitute teaching.  She is passionate about any opportunity to improve the school experience for students and remove stress for staff.

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